Leia Niss is ready to say “Hello” with her premier pop/latino single of the same name. A classically trained, seasoned professional, Leia’s love of music began as a young child studying the clarinet at the Music Conservatory in her native land Havana, Cuba. Her passion for the history of music, and her desire to impart this passion to young children led her to the University Autonoma of Barcelona where she earned her degree as a music teacher. However, a desire for something more burned inside her and she spent years on the international music scene travelling to Italy, Spain, France and Germany as a musician and lead singer for various groups.

Having studied and lived between Cuba and Europe, marked not only her musical culture but the soundtrack of her life.

“I love Cuban and latin music in general but at home I grew up with soundtrack of the American music of the 70’s and 80’s as Barry white, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Nat King Cole, etc…” .

Leia’s classical training, world travel, and a career of playing, and performing a wide range of musical styles, from Spanish Rumba and Flamenco, to Pop and Latin music in general, have developed into her eclectic musical taste. Her ability to sing in Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese and English has helped her to feel comfortable with a new challenge as a recording artist, reflecting this mix.

“I had never before seriously contemplated the possibility of being a recording artist. Although I had the desire, I never felt the call and it remained a dream. Now the time has come to wake up from that dream and the circumstances are in favor of it coming true. Things happen at the time that they should take place, neither before, nor after. Now is my time to say “Hello”.

“Hello” is framed in the category of pop/latino music with nods to American music. The collaboration of producers Tony Valor and El Inter has proven to be a winning combination, capturing the elegant sensuality that is Leia Niss.

Be sure to look for “Hello” by Leia Niss on TVI Records & Filmworks.

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