$avage Prince

Savage Prince exploded onto the music scene from a humble beginning. Born in Kenner, La, on August 3rd, 1994. His parents, both born in Cuba, came to the United States in 1994. They divorced when he was three. His mother met his stepfather when he was five and they moved to Miami. 

He grew up in a part of Miami known as “Little Haiti” where he was harassed at school and began to learn how to defend himself. His stepfather introduced him to his first “DoJo”. By the age of ten, he began to show promise and his parents decided to invest in his future with Martial Arts. Like many boys his age, he had his heart set on becoming an MMA fighter. 

Unfortunately when he was 17, he faced a horrible experience. He was assaulted and shot twice. This unfortunate experience left him in a hospital bed, immobile, and unable to continue his MMA career. He spent his days listening to music as an escape. The music began to fill a void.

As he listened to the music, he realized he wanted to know more about what it took to make music happen. He became obsessed with not just the sound, but the process it took to get there. He bought an acoustic guitar and taught himself to play. He began experimenting with different sounds and melodies searching for his own sound, voice, and his new calling.

It was during this time that he met Tony Valor. The two men’s common interests led not only to a friendship, but a collaboration in producing and recording music where $avage Prince found his voice and his calling.

Artist Latest Tracks

Dirty World
Release Date 2019
Puesto Pa Ti
Release Date 2019
Lemon Wrist
Release Date 2019