TVi’s newest addition Judan aka The Puerto Rican Elvis Presley, as he calls himself, strives to be the new voice of the south. Born January 12th in Hialeah, FL. He addresses himself as “The Goat”, and lives up to his Capricorn traits in every way.  He’s definitely not shy, loves to speak his mind, and enjoys encountering new people & seizing opportunities.

Judan started recording music in middle school with a group of friends but once he got into high school he went

on his own path and the group disbursed. This motivated him even further and prompted him to purchase his own stage mic and a regular HP laptop thus, The Home Studio as he loves to say was born. During these younger years, as a product of the streets and gang politics Judan had numerous run-ins with law enforcement. This coupled with a debilitating football injury in high school ultimately led him to strive for better and begin a positive and fufilling life perfecting his art and pursing his music career. After high school Judan studied psychology in college, but ultimately left in order to pursue his dream of music full time. With a heavy hispanic influence from his Puerto Rican mother, coupled with a strong love for rap and r&b, Judan has found his way to generate unique music for the new generation.

While he’s nothing like you’ve ever heard before, this young prodigy is exactly what music has been missing. Beyond music Judan is passionate about his community. He loves helping people and mentoring troubled kids in hopes to guide them in the right direction. To that end he plans to eventually open a local boxing gym in his hometown where troubled youth can go to have an alternative to the gangs and the streets. Judan is quick to tell you music is his first love but helping others is his mistress. Ever the proponent of individualism, Judan has strong interests in physics, history, conspiracy theories, law, and psychology but his true loves are animals, tattoos, piercings and anything that most consider “weird” or unique.

Some words Judan lives by are “always strive to be the best YOU that YOU can be on the daily because nobody can be YOU, better than YOU!”


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