Gaby B

Gaby B was born on February 4th in Venezuela.  She’s an Aquarius and a big believer in horoscopes.  Open minded and a self-proclaimed “wild child”, Gaby is a strong, independent women who stands up for what she believes, and speaks up for those she feels need a voice. She considers herself to be a feminist as she believes in equal rights, and supports everything from the LGBTQ community to defending animals.

Her interest in music started at a very young age and at 12 years old she danced Flamenco.  She also plays the drums, piano and guitar. Gaby loves every music genre although her favorites are rock & roll and of course Latin music. Her biggest inspirations are Queen and Pink, who she looks to as a role model for her, and her music career, but she also gains inspiration from the people she meets on the streets and their different stories.

Gaby studied business in college as at the time her family did not support her musical aspirations.  It wasn’t long though, before they recognized her talent, love and dedication to music, and with their blessings, she was able to pursue her passion and study music.

Gaby is charming and talented, and driven by self-expression.  She loves tattoos because she feels they are a way to show your story to the world. Her biggest desire though, is to express herself through her music. “Personally, what I want to do with my music is to express myself and inspire others. I want to leave my mark on this world by showing people that you don’t need to lose your essence to get what you want.”

Gaby is destined to be a super star and surely leave her essence of Love, Strength, and Inspiration on this world through her music.

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Es Asi
Release Date2020
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Release Date2020
No me molestes
Release Date2021